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The ending takes place in 2023. The “five years later” time jump is another five years after 2019, when the majority of the film is set, and the film explicitly says that 2014 was “nine years ago.” The Avengers, having traveled through time to collect all six Infinity Stones from before Thanos could dust them, made a special glove containing all six and put it on Hulk. He snaps his fingers, thus restoring everybody Thanos had dusted back to life at the present moment — not five years in the past, when the dusting actually happened.

A Thanos from 2014 that traveled forward to 2023, with the help of 2014 Nebula (who took the place of 2023 Nebula), then blows up Avengers HQ.

There is a huge fight scene that encompasses much of the movie’s final 45 minutes, which includes every Avenger introduced so far, a bunch of side characters, and even Pepper Potts in full Iron Man regalia. It’s really cool and fan service-y; we get to see Captain America wield Thor’s hammer and all kinds of fun things.

That fight scene includes a massive game of keep-away involving the glove containing the Infinity Stones, which is held (but not worn) by nearly every character of note. Thanos finally gets hold of it but is prevented by Captain Marvel from snapping his fingers to completely unmake all of existence.

Tony Stark tricks Thanos by taking not the new Infinity Gauntlet but the Infinity Stones, which slide into slots on his armor. He snaps his fingers and erases Thanos and his army — but Tony dies in the process.

Avengers : Endgame fortnite

Avengers 4 2019-04-24

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Avengers 4 -[2019]] streaming gratuit vf complet en francais

Avengers : Endgame trailer vostfr

Avengers 4 Walt Disney Studios,Marvel Studios

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Avengers 4 -[2019]] streaming gratuit vf complet en francais

avengers 4 endgame streaming vf

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Avengers 4 -[2019]] streaming gratuit vf complet en francais

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