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Girls Kissing Girls 25

Girls Kissing Girls 25

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Synopsis Girls Kissing Girls 25

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Welcome to the 25th installment of this critically acclaimed series. In this latest volume, Jackie (Kenna James) wakes up in Veronica’s (Skye Blue) bed. She doesn’t remember much about last night, but Veronica knows how to bring back her memories. Ana (Lena Paul) loves looking at new substitute teacher Mary (Abigail Mac). In fact, they have history. But when Ana tries to kiss her at school, Mary pushes her back. She had a class to teach, and well that’s what she taught. Jessy (Scarlett Sage) comes home early and decides to prank her wife Zoe (Jessie Lee). Finally, Lucy (Emma Hix) falls of her skateboard when Ellen (Emma Starletto) almost hits her with her car. Ellen brings Lucy inside her house to patch her up. Quickly the two beautiful women fall into a passionate kiss.

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