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Neighborhood Oppas

Neighborhood Oppas

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Hee-joo, a high school student, meets the tutor that she likes and it made her push to study harder. Yeon-soo, upon seeing her best friend, Hee-joo change for the better, she felt hurt and asked her brothers to do unpleasant things to Hee-joo. She even let out rumors to make Hee-joo drop out of school. After dropping out, even if she took the college entrance exam, Hee-joo couldn’t adjust, and so she got along with the neighborhood oppas from before and lived a pathetic life. On the other hand, Yeon-soo found a man to marry. She pretends to be a woman who went to college with a job and talents, trying to hide her past. However, that man was Hee-joo’s former tutor…. Will Hee-joo’s life, destroyed by a friend, be able to find her place?

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