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One Night in Budapest

One Night in Budapest

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Synopsis One Night in Budapest

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Cherry Kiss goes out to discover new pleasures Following a recent love break-up, the pretty Cherry Kiss has decided to leave Paris for new experiences. After taking a plane ticket at random, she finds herself wandering the streets of Budapest, a city that is totally unknown to her. This is the ideal place to meet new people and start from scratch. What can you do in one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe when you have no place to go and you don’t know anyone? While taking a break in a park, Cherry meets Tiffany Tatum, a charming blonde who immediately offers to help and accommodate her while she gets acquainted with her new life. Surprisingly, Cherry cannot refuse such an offer. After taking a shower, she meets Kristof Cale, Tiffany’s boyfriend. The couple seems to have very free morals and seems to have immediately fallen under the spell of their guest.

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