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Sisters: Memories of Confinement

Sisters: Memories of Confinement

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Synopsis Sisters: Memories of Confinement

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One night after a busy work day, Min-ji, a shop manager in a department store mistook a man for sexual harassment and reported him to the police, when he only wanted to return her wallet. In the wake of this incident, the elementary school teacher Kyeong-ho, lost his life completely and is wiped out of his memories of Min-ji and of the world he’s living in. Two years later as Min-ji prepares to marry her fiancé Hyeon-woo, she has been mysteriously kidnapped and the man said, “If you remember my name, I will return you back”. Min-ji recalls him from the past, but cannot remember the name, Kyeong-ho, who was been demonized due to her carelessness.
Min-ji tries to escape Kyeong-ho’s cruelty which is getting worse as days went by. In the process of finding Min-ji, Hyeon-woo is shocked to learn about her promiscuous past. Can Min-ji escape Kyungho’s grip and return safely to Hyeon-woo’s arms?

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